November 5, 2022 11:43 am

Ancient Wars: Sparta Review

Ancient Wars: Sparta Review

Don’t expect any grand, over-the-top treatment of Spartan history, as Sparta: Ancient Wars is a very generic real-time strategy game.

Ancient Wars: Sparta Definitive Edition PC Gameplay 1440p 60fps

One of the most innovative Real-Time Strategy Games comes back totally renewed and improved to the smallest detail, with epic large scale battles, new civilizations, unit customization system never seen before in a game, 8K support, and a lot of more.

Ancient Wars: Sparta Definitive Edition on Steam:

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Ancient Wars: Sparta – Gameplay (PC/UHD)

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Ancient Wars: Sparta recreates the history of Spartans, Persians and Egyptians in three vast campaigns. Fight for supremacy using each nation’s specific powers in large-scaled battles—more than 27 missions in all. In multiplayer mode, battle up to eight players.


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Is this the WORST RTS Game of 2022? Ancient Wars Sparta Definitive Edition Review

What the game is :
Ancient Wars Sparta Definitive Edition is a new RTS game released in 2022. It’s a kind of re-mix of the 2006 classic Ancient Wars Sparta. Which I personally was a huge fan of. The game has fixed the biggest issue of the 2006 version – that being the dripplingly SLOW pace of the game – now the game is too fast, with a core gameplay loop NOT designed for matches this fast.

It has also added worthless features like the training grounds which adds unnecessary bloat to a game that doesn’t need it. They also have added multiple new factions, which are all reskins of older factions – there’s NO point in adding them as they don’t add anything into the game. In the 2006 version all the factions had unique features, units, weapons, buildings and abilities.

Defense :
It is super clear to me the team is very small. There are barely any new models in the game, and I understand this likely was a mod team tier dev team working on this. It’s awesome that the game doesn’t crash, and that the resolutions are nice. In preparation for this game I played the classic version and it constantly crashes and has major resolution issues.

If this was a 5 dollar game, or even a 10 dollar game I would not mind but the devs are charging way too much for what is basically a poorly thought out mod.

Conclusion :
Instead of refining features and cutting the game down to size, to make it all one nice package where everything fits, the Ancient War Sparta team have added a ton of stuff that just doesn’t need to be there, stuff that they clearly don’t have the resources to implement properly and they charge 20 dollars for it! I do not see the game getting much better unless the dev team 180s the game and sticks way closer to the original game. Deletes the “new” factions, deletes their new features and tries to streamline the game OR if they have their OWN vision and direction for the game head towards that’s a bit more thought-out.

Video Content :
00:00 Intro
00:40 Start of Game I
00:50 Ancient Wars Sparta Factions
01:16 Continuation of Game I
03:26 Ancient Wars Sparta Review
04:05 Game I Conclusion
06:06 Game II Rage Quit
06:24 Game III

Note about difficulty :
The video shows me getting destroyed by the AI and at one point I get unironically upset at the funny computer people inside the game yet I don’t mention it in the Ancient War Sparta review section. Because this is how it should be. When I was a kid I was completely unable to beat the hard AI and I spent countless hours getting DESTROYED by it. The AI should be punishing and hard.