November 5, 2022 11:45 am

Halo Infinite Player Beats The Game On Legendary Without Taking Any Damage

Halo Infinite Player Beats The Game On Legendary Without Taking Any Damage

All you need is skill, patience, and a handy exploit to pull this Halo Infinite feat off.

Halo Infinite – How To Defeat Most Legendary Bosses In 30 Seconds Or Less

Having trouble with the boss fights on legendary difficulty or even LASO? Well there’s now a way to defeat every boss super fast and easy, most of them in under 30 seconds!


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Halo 2 LASO No Envy, no save/load

How Cr1tikal’s Halo 2 Deathless LASO Challenge Was Finally Beaten

After 18 years Halo 2 LASO was finally beaten deathless without the envy skull on. Jervalin managed to pull of the Halo 2 Critical challenge and become the first player in the world to do Halo 2 LASO deathless.

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Halo Completionist:

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Can You Beat Halo 2 on Legendary Without Taking Any Damage?

Videos for some levels are glitchy, click here to watch them without the freezes:

(No better video for Uprising unfortunately.)

This is a segmented run of Halo 2 on legendary in which I do not take damage at all. All failed segments were cut out to create this almost seamless segmented run. I included load screens and the final (unskippable) cutscene as most segmented videos do to make it seem somewhat realistic if you watch the whole thing.

It’s different from easy because the AI are smarter, appear in larger numbers, and have better weapons / higher ranks. Not getting shot is not the same experience between easy and legendary.

I can’t find anyone else who’s done this on Halo 2 legendary so I set my own rules. Rule 1: Revert to last checkpoint if you take damage. Rule 2: Damage is defined as shields dropping. If your shields don’t drop at all, you’re ok. This is specifically for the Oracle pressure launch (which makes you invincible) and vehicle hits that don’t actually damage your shields (pretty rare, but it happens a few times in the video). Rule 3: The Armory shield drop and the shield recharge in the first second of Gravemind don’t count as they are scripted and unavoidable.

Some of the cuts are weird because of how checkpoints work. If you are scoped in or crouching during a checkpoint, sometimes you won’t be when you revert. The music loops will also restart and the audio from the last segment will seep through the revert causing some abrupt volume spikes. So I can’t really do anything about that.

I tried to be efficient but time was not the main goal, so there is some time wasted on small things. The final in-game time, with load screens and cutscenes taken out, is a bit under 2:20:00 if I timed it right.

Here are the time stamps.
Cairo Station: 2:57
Outskirts: 19:00
Metropolis: 28:24
The Arbiter: 42:24
The Oracle: 49:10
Delta Halo: 1:07:35
Regret: 1:15:03
Sacred Icon: 1:29:49
Quarantine Zone: 1:42:47
Gravemind: 1:51:20
Uprising: 2:07:27
High Charity: 2:10:47
The Great Journey: 2:13:10

In my opinion the most interesting levels are Regret and Gravemind.

Next I will do a segmented run of Halo 2 on legendary without shooting, which has been done a few times before and I assume it will be a bit easier than this.

27:40 (stormtrooper aim)
40:10 (marine falls into the lego city river)
1:18:58 (never forget)
1:28:17 (grunt CBT)
1:36:45 (vore)
2:11:43 (how Sgt Johnson escaped the first Halo)
2:22:15 (GTA San Andreas)
That’s it