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Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon Review

Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon Review

This remake of the original Shining Force is one of the best strategy role-playing games on the GBA.

Shining Force: Hero of Light and Darkness The First Teaser ( android / ios )

Shining Force IP’s new mobile game Shining Force: Hero of Light and Darkness has been announced to be released in 2022 the first half. The game is free-to-play system.

“Shining” series, love Mega Drive and Sega Saturn, one of the masterpiece simulation RPG to represent was released Sega game gear, etc., to many gamers with high and immersive degree of game play utilizing the strategy tactics scenario work that is. Game development hive is utilizing the “Shining Force” IP Through this agreement, and Japan, won the service distribution rights on a global, including Asia, also Western, including South Korea.

In addition, “the hero – of darkness and Shining Force – light (provisional)” new work as a mobile game is also announced that it is currently under development in progress. In the new work, based on the unique world view and story peculiar to the series, and the fun of nurturing attractive characters full of individuality, we will realize the strategic fun peculiar to simulation RPG on mobile devices. thing to be the target.

Shining Force: Hero of Light and Darkness is through the β test, and plans to start a global service in the 2022 first half of the year.

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Shining Force (Sega Genesis/Megadrive) | A Closer Look Review

The first of the Shining Force games, but the second in the Shining Series… weird, I know, don’t worry, I’ll address this issue some day. This is free on the app store/google play store. PLAY IT! IT’S AN AMAZING GAME! Footage recorded using the European Megadrive Mini.

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RIG – Shining Force Review Sega Genesis

Shining Force 1 on the Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive depending where you’re from). This game is a strategy RPG from 1993. Shining Force follows in the footsteps of Shining in the Darkness which was the first title in the Shining series.

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Shining Force Review! (Genesis) – The Game Collection!

SuperDerek Reviews Shining Force with Daria Plays RPGs!
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In this Shining Force review, Daria and SuperDerek examine the history of Sonic Software Planning and the Shining Series, starting with Shining Force, the strategy-RPG that’s perfect for beginners!

Welcome back to The Game Collection! Today I’d like to show some love to a special Square RPG that doesn’t always get the appreciation it deserves, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest!
What? No, not that crap. Review something good. Something, Sega.
Wait, Daria? But where are you?
It’s doesn’t matter. Just review Shining Force.
Ok, ok. The Sega Genesis doesn’t tend to get much love on my channel, which is a real shame! The console isn’t usually the first console people think of when talking about RPGs but it’s actually a very competent system! I also haven’t given much love to Strategy RPGs either, which is another problem. And lastly, Daria is an awesome YouTuber that you should check out, so I guess we’re killing 3 birds with one stone and doing a collaborative review of Shining Force?
Damn skippy we are.
In ages long forgotten, Sega first party developer Sonic! Software Planning (who, despite the name, never actually software planned any Sonic titles) teamed up with Climax Entertainment to produce an almost Saturday morning cartoon take on the Wizardry school of Dungeon crawling RPGs. Shining in the Darkness was a success and they immediately followed it up with the similarly styled tactical RPG, Shining Force. Thus the concept of the Shining series was born, a slew of RPGs with different mechanics united by a single universe and cohesive art style. However the project fell apart during production of the action RPG, Shining Rogue in which Climax essentially grabbed their developmental ball and went home. Shining Rogue was rebranded LandStalker and Sonic! Software Planning took complete creative control of the Shining series with Shining Force 2 and onwards. Later they’d change their name to Camelot Software and develop five more Shining RPGs for the Sega Saturn before they ditched Sega for Nintendo and became “that company who makes those Mario sports games and oh. GoldenSun.” And Climax? They too left Sega to develop the Stalker series before disbanding and rebranding as Matrix Software and developing the best darn Zelda clone in existence, Alundra. But that’s another- where was I? Oh. Right. RIP Shining Force, your light burned bright but short.