November 5, 2022 11:50 am

Wholesome Games Are Awkwardly Comfortable Depicting Violence Against Animals

Wholesome Games Are Awkwardly Comfortable Depicting Violence Against Animals

A counter-culture of non-violent games is on the rise, but many games preaching coziness remain content to depict animal harm.

Calico | Wholesome Direct 2022 Trailer

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When cozy games are deemed decidedly “uncozy” | ACNH

Inspired by the Two Scoops podcast featuring @NintenTalk and @BWICK (watch the episode here: &t=1397s), we talk about “subtle violence in cozy/wholesome games” in response to this article by Mark Delaney on Gamestop:

Obviously this is my opinion, and in the grand scheme of things… it isn’t a big deal. But how did you feel about the article? How do you feel about hunting/fishing mechanics in “cozy” games?

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Wholesome games with Angelic Pearl!

I was very honored to fleet a great friend of mine that goes by the name of Angelic Pearl. An absolutely exceptional Fixer with sublime game sense and amazing and reliable heals. Check out the exciting new game everyone's talking about: Hole io.

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Little Kid Shows Me the Dark Side of VR Chat

The sweetest most innocent little kid showed me around a party house in VR Chat. He hated the inappropriate rooms. We also met bullies.
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