November 5, 2022 11:50 am

Wholesome Games Are Awkwardly Comfortable Depicting Violence Against Animals

Wholesome Games Are Awkwardly Comfortable Depicting Violence Against Animals

A counter-culture of non-violent games is on the rise, but many games preaching coziness remain content to depict animal harm.

Calico | Wholesome Direct 2022 Trailer

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When cozy games are deemed decidedly “uncozy” | ACNH

Inspired by the Two Scoops podcast featuring @NintenTalk and @BWICK (watch the episode here: &t=1397s), we talk about “subtle violence in cozy/wholesome games” in response to this article by Mark Delaney on Gamestop:

Obviously this is my opinion, and in the grand scheme of things… it isn’t a big deal. But how did you feel about the article? How do you feel about hunting/fishing mechanics in “cozy” games?

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Wholesome games with Angelic Pearl!

I was very honored to fleet a great friend of mine that goes by the name of Angelic Pearl. An absolutely exceptional Fixer with sublime game sense and amazing and reliable heals.

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Little Kid Shows Me the Dark Side of VR Chat

The sweetest most innocent little kid showed me around a party house in VR Chat. He hated the inappropriate rooms. We also met bullies.
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